Tune into social radio

Jelli is a fun new way to experience the radio! What plays on a Jelli station is decided by the listening community. No radio program directors, no recommendation engines –playlists are community-controlled. Tune into Pop, Rock, Dance, Country, Metal and more. Just browse the Tuner to see all the Jelli stations, streaming 24/7 and broadcasting on FM.

Vote to decide what plays next

The whole community is voting on tracks, and ones with the highest scores make it on the air. It’s a real-time race for the airwaves – the next song is chosen just seconds before it plays.

Once a song is on the air, join the tug of war as the community votes on whether it Rocks or Sucks. Get rewarded if your choices Rock, and if a song Sucks, it gets pulled off the air – instantly.

Power up the playlist

With fun game features like Rockets and Bombs, you can make an even bigger impact on the playlist! Rocket a song to boost it to the top of the list, or Bomb a song to destroy its score. Rally other users to vote for your favorite tracks.

Chat with online listeners

Every Jelli station has its own live chat room. Chat with other Jelli users and work together to decide what gets on the air. Radio has never been so social!

Why, yes, I do want to control the music