via the most advanced ad-tech in radio


Programmatic buying for radio.

  • Powerful targeting capabilities in the hands of media planners
  • Analyze audience goals and place radio buys via web-based application
  • Optimize plans algorithmically by station lineup, daypart, demographic, market, impression and GRPs goals

Powerful Features

Set parameters against campaign goals

Dynamically create plans with optimized lineups

Automate ad serving via RadioSpot™ integration

RadioSpot Ad Server

Cloud-based ad server for broadcast radio.

  • The first and only cloud advertising platform for radio
  • Transform radio ad serving for radio affiliates and media agencies via cloud delivery and real-time data
  • Deliver better ROI by increasing control, compliance and transparency, and dramatically reducing errors, costs and reporting turnaround

RadioDash for Advertisers

Real-time Campaign Dashboard for Advertisers

  • Simple, elegant and the only
    real-time web application dashboard for radio campaigns
  • Detailed radio campaign insights and instant validation of spots running on broadcast radio
  • Move from "Did it run?" to full transparency from stations, including when the commercials ran and ability to listen to playback on every station

Powerful Features

Campaign progress at your fingertips

Real-time ad tracking including audio sound check for ad verification

Export data for easy integration & analysis

RadioDash for Broadcasters

Real-time Campaign Dashboard for Broadcasters

radiodash for affiliates
  • Track station compliance in real-time
  • Easily update traffic instructions and send them out to your team
  • Move from "Did it run?" to full transparency from stations, including when and what commercials ran

Powerful Features

Preview upcoming ads for the following week

Real-time play logs to track compliance

Export data for analysis