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A Better Way to Buy Radio Ads

BY Jelli ON November 3, 2015 IN Jelli Products

In the U.S., radio is listened to by just about everybody. With massive reach and unparalleled effectiveness, radio has long been a fundamental part of marketing budgets for companies of all shapes and sizes.

So, it’s ironic that the technology used to buy and run ads on radio has seen very little innovation, relative to other mediums like mobile, display, and search. Airing a national radio campaign, for example, historically has been a manual process to the extreme, often involving hundreds of people across the country, with thousands of points of error. While ad tech innovation was taking off in the digital space, the basics of real-time reporting seemed like science fiction in the radio industry.

Jelli has changed this. With a Jelli appliance installed at every station, powered by proprietary, cloud-based programmatic software, we give our network partners unprecedented control and real-time transparency when planning and running ad campaigns for their customers.

SpotPlan, a core component of Jelli’s programmatic stack, is an elegant, web-based tool used by Jelli’s network partners to plan and run media campaigns for advertisers.

Since SpotPlan’s launch in March 2014, media planners have used it to programmatically plan and execute billions of impressions nationwide, for some of the top agencies and advertisers in audio.

At the heart of SpotPlan are proprietary planning algorithms that leverage data to hit advertiser goals, dynamically and automatically. For every media plan, SpotPlan analyzes listening audience segments on a station-by-station basis, as well as real-time pricing and inventory availability, across tens of thousands of daypart segments, on thousands of appliances installed at partner radio stations across the country.

SpotPlan provides workflows to revise and save campaigns easily, experiment with different planning inputs, and reserve inventory. And because it is built on the very same platform as the local Jelli appliances, users can book, launch, and control campaigns in real-time as they run — a first for broadcast radio.

Stay tuned for more details about our programmatic suite — as well as new, exciting features that we are working hard to bring to the industry.

Stephen Dougherty