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A Real-Time Ad Platform for a Real-Time Medium

BY Jelli ON November 10, 2015 IN Jelli Products

After “Amazon Prime Day” last July, the online retailer’s global sale, a report was released showing the effectiveness of different kinds of advertising and promotions during the sale.

Radio ads, it turned out, were actually more effective than both online and TV ads at driving purchases on Amazon. This seemed surprising, since the sale itself happened online. But, in fact, it reinforced something that many marketers already know: When it comes to advertising, radio resonates with more of the right people at more of the right times. Other studies have pointed to similar phenomena — for example, this, which shows that radio reaches consumers in the minutes leading up to shopping, more so than other mediums.

These findings touch upon something fundamental: Few mediums are more “real-time” than radio, from the perspective of a listener’s experience and their resulting behavior.

Unfortunately, that real-time effectiveness for listeners has long been at odds with what it takes to buy ad space and run campaigns on local radio stations — traditionally a manual, behind-the-scenes process with little to no automation and, for a large national campaign, potentially thousands of points of error.

This is why Jelli’s ad platform technology begins at the local station level, with our proprietary RadioSpot appliance. With an appliance installed at every station, our network partners can run and control campaigns nationwide from the cloud, and monitor delivery with Jelli’s industry-changing, real-time reporting.



         RadioSpot appliance


For marketers, gone are the days of sending campaign audio files to hundreds of stations, with manual instructions for when the local stations should play them (and when not to). Instead, campaigns are planned and trafficked centrally, using Jelli’s programmatic planning tools (more on those, here). Creatives can be adjusted in real time and listened to immediately after they air.

As of today, there are over 1,200 RadioSpot appliances active and in use by our network partners, covering 99% of the U.S. The appliances are compatible with every kind of station broadcast system and are where “rubber meets road” for programmatic execution on Jelli. They are also an important enabling layer for the next generation of services and features that we are building now, for advertisers and publishers alike.

Stay tuned!

Stephen Dougherty