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Broadcast radio campaign transparency takes a leap forward with the new Jelli Campaigns Dashboard

BY Jelli ON May 8, 2013 IN Jelli News

Today we’re pleased to introduce the first of our applications designed for our partners; in this release, specifically for our advertising partners.

Jelli has evolved from its early beginnings as a 100% user-controlled programming product to a robust network of over 175 affiliates across the country that insert ads from the Jelli platform into their live AM and FM broadcasts.

What that means for advertisers is that the Jelli platform provides a digital infrastructure for broadcast radio campaigns that includes greater transparency, accountability, and delivery.

To put the power of the Jelli ad platform into the hands of our advertisers, we developed the Campaigns Dashboard, a self-service app that Jelli advertisers (or their agencies) can log into and view the progress of their broadcast radio campaigns that run on the Jelli network.

No longer do advertisers have to wait weeks to find out if their campaign delivered. If their campaign runs on the Jelli network, they can use the Campaigns Dashboard to track when and where ads ran, what copy is running for each campaign, and how listeners responded to the campaign.

Features in the new Campaigns Dashboard include:

  • Detailed insights into campaigns running on the Jelli Platform, displaying delivered impressions, by market performance, as well as consumer response data via Jelli Response™
  • Library of downloadable reports for each campaign
  • Self-service administrative tools that make it easy to add new users within an organization to the Campaigns Dashboard, with full or limited access to campaign data.
  • Easy request process for new campaigns

The Campaigns Dashboard works seamlessly with the Jelli Platform, including full integration with Jelli’s advanced compliance (spec protection, automated make good features), content control, and automated cloud-based trafficking capabilities.

We’re looking forward to unveiling the new Campaigns Dashboard to our current advertising partners, and working towards more features that continue to improve the transparency, accountability, and delivery of national broadcast radio campaigns.