One proven technology solution for an entire industry

Streamline your ad operations with real-time, "top-to-bottom" solutions.

  • SpotPlan for Publishers

    • Radio advertising, meet the power of the cloud

      Game-changing programmatic technology for audio advertising
    • One platform

      Real-time inventory management, campaign planning, and sales execution on a unified platform
    • Optimize campaigns

      Media planners can leverage powerful data and algorithms to build, sell, and run campaigns

    Next-gen inventory management

    Publish audio inventory, set pricing, and manage yield (APIs available)

    Data-driven media planning

    Planning workflows with pre-integrated audience research data and support for advanced data strategies

    Real-time control

    The only platform enabling real-time, centralized control of broadcast campaigns and creative nationwide

    Business insights

    Analyze exchange activity, including historical and forecasted sales performance

    Flexible platform

    Operate multiple pools of inventory with custom pricing and sales strategies

    Open architecture

    Support for advanced publisher systems integrations

    RadioDash for Publishers

    • A new kind of dashboard

      The only real-time dashboard for broadcast radio, reporting live ad-serving activity
    • Full transparency

      Move from “Did it run?” to real-time transparency from stations, including when and what commercials were served by the platform
    • Deliver better ROI

      With increased control and compliance, dramatically reduce errors, costs, and reporting turnaround

    Multiple views

    Monitor delivery network-wide, down to the second on every station

    Integrated research

    Filter serving activity with powerful in-browser research and analytics


    Export data for offline analysis

    RadioSpot Ad Server

    • Modernize your ad serving

      With a RadioSpot applicance installed at each station, broadcasters can transform audio ad serving via cloud delivery and real-time data
    • Enterprise-class infrastructure

      A fault tolerant, multi-tenant playout system, controlled by a sophisticated cloud-based serving engine
    • Easy to integrate

      Supports all radio automation and traffic systems


    A single RadioSpot appliance can support a variety of networks and sales channels


    Integrated with your operations - no new processes

    No maintenance

    Installed hardware is cloud managed, zero maintenance required

    “Programmatic is already an important and expected method of ad buying in the digital space. Now we can bring broadcast radio into that world at a scale no digital audio provider can offer.”


    “In addition to streamlining our affiliate operations, Jelli’s platform transforms radio broadcasting into a real-time medium, providing our advertisers increased control, compliance, and campaign analytics on par with the latest digital platforms.”

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