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How is radio advertising evolving?

BY Jelli ON August 14, 2013 IN Jelli News

At Jelli we are working to solve problems that are all too familiar to the radio advertising industry.

Running an ad campaign nationally requires an army of people and endless communication. It is a complex process involving many people in various locations.
Radio networks, in particular, distribute campaigns to the hundreds or thousands of radio stations which are subscribed to their network. Stations are typically members of multiple national networks. This sets the stage for a host of issues with the radio-advertising industry.

Q & A

Q: Often, a campaign will be handed to multiple networks, which in turn end up asking the same station to play it. If an agency discovers an ad played at the wrong time on that station, how do they know which network is responsible?

A: Jelli’s hardware at the station actually plays the ad in real time for the station to broadcast. So with no additional work from the station, we already have a complete record of what played when. The network gets visual access to this data in real time, while each agency can access the Jelli Campaigns Dashboard to see the ad play logs in real-time.


Jelli Campaigns Dashboard

Jelli Campaigns Dashboard


Q: What happens when a station comes up against complex inventory issues?

A: All the available time on Jelli-enabled stations is pooled together and tracked in real time. Jelli’s algorithms flexibly pick where to place additional campaigns, respecting the specifications of the already accepted campaigns.

Q: How can stations react to last minute campaign changes?

A: The turnaround time traditionally is very slow. Jelli however can turn this around in a maximum of 24hours.

Q: With logistical confusion, ad copy mix-ups, trafficking mistakes, system failures, hardware failures, and severe weather, how can you be sure what actually aired?

A: In Jelli-enabled stations, we record the final audio stream going on air. We use it for verification internally all the time, and soon you’ll be able to hear each of your ads, as played with surrounding audio, in the Campaigns Dashboard.  As Jelli automatically records all the data about what happened, manually generating clearance reports and invoices is a thing of the past.

Q: How can you give a 100% assurance that your ad will play during its’ correct daypart?

A: Jelli not only controls everything that happens in the network with computer precision, but it lays bare what will happen, and gives everyone real-time feedback on what has happened. Furthermore, Jelli is self-healing. Bad or missed plays are automatically made good as the week proceeds, within the confines of the campaign’s specification.

You tell Jelli what you really want, and we handle the rest.