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How to Introduce Your Clients to Programmatic Ad Buying

BY Ryan Roberts ON November 7, 2017 IN Audio Advertising

What’s stopping you from joining the audio revolution of buying radio programmatically?

If your answer is “Nothing at all, let’s do this!” you should connect with us and get started.

If your answer is “I haven’t quite figured out how to introduce my clients to a new way of radio buying…” we’ve got your back, just keep reading.

Sometimes it can be difficult to introduce your clients to a new way of doing things. Especially if the current way delivers the kind of results that you’re expecting. Here’s the thing, just because the process isn’t broken doesn’t mean it can’t be better.

Did you just hear the old phrase “not all change is bad” in your head, too?

Picture this, delivering more accurate results backed with strong real-time data and improved returns on investments. In the world of radio buying, this is life-changing!

How do I introduce my clients to programmatic ad buying?

Buying audio advertising using cloud technology is new, so how do you make sure that your clients are on board with the change? We’ve got a few recommendations that might make it a little bit easier to start (or continue)  that conversation.

First, think about your clients wants and needs. What are they trying to accomplish? How can programmatic buying help?

Here are a few common customer wants that programmatic radio buying addresses:

I wish that I could see more data.

Businesses now have access to more information regarding their customers than ever before and it is becoming more important to make data-driven decisions. Buying radio programmatically allows you to provide your clients with the same type of analytics that they are now used to receiving from other media platforms such as Facebook and Google.

I wish that I could target my audience better.

Access to more data allows for accurate consumer information, but what about specific audience targeting? SpotPlan allows you to target audiences based on a range of things including lifestyle factors, age, and location.

I wish that I could track my campaign in real-time.

When you buy radio digitally, you get the added benefit of being able to track ad details in real-time. For the first time ever, you can instantly see when creative airs, view up-to-date compliance information, and monitor campaign analytics.

I wish I could receive a higher ROI on my radio budget.

Some of your client’s may ask if radio is worth the investment? Radio is still one of the best advertising mediums, but it can be even better. Thanks to the power of algorithms your client’s are now able to reach more people for less money. In fact, they will see up to 20% ROI on every buy.

Second, make sure your client understands that this is an investment. Most people don’t take kindly to surprise fees, so be sure to communicate why they don’t need to worry about the DSP fee and how they will make up for it.

For example, when people purchase audio ads using SpotPlan, they see an ROI of up to 20%, that means that the platform pays for itself.

Is it worth it even if they just “break even” so to speak? Absolutely. Programmatic radio buying allows you to access data and insights that you would not otherwise have visibility into.

If you would like to talk to us more about introducing your clients to the next generation of radio, feel free to reach out with questions. You can also sign up to receive more insider information.

Ryan Roberts