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Introducing the Jelli Shoutwall… And your chance to be the 2000th shout-out

BY Adam Kay ON April 4, 2013 IN Jelli News

888-YO-JELLI archived and immortalized

A few weeks ago, I was processing the week’s worth of daily phone calls to 888-YO-JELLI.  I had my door open as one particularly spirited Jelli listener let out an ‘Oooh-Weee!’  This sparked a few giggles in the office and later got a few of us thinking…People really love Jelli Radio.

We get dozens of phone calls to 888-YO-JELLI every week.  We select a

few choice messages, play them on the air for a couple of days and then they are gone forever.

But, what if we could keep an archive? –something easy and fun to browse, where you could hear all of the creative, overly-enthusiastic, sincere and ridiculous things people have to say about Jelli.  A place where you have a one in ten chance of hearing somebody sing “I don’t think you’re ready for this Jelli”.

So, I spent my next few trips on the commuter train cobbling together just that.  We’re calling it the Jelli Shoutwall.  Simple, chronological and yet random.  Head on over to and click around a bit.  Maybe you’ll find your own shout.

In celebration of this new shout wall, we’re also holding a contest to get us to the 2000th shout. Call us up at 888-YO-JELLI and if you’re the 2000th shout to get added to the Shoutwall, you’ll win a deluxe Jelli prize pack, complete with Jelli t-shirt & stickers, a custom sigtone, and 20 rockets for your account. The countdown to 2000 shout-outs starts NOW – call us at 888-YO-JELLI for your chance to win!

Adam Kay

Adam Kay

sr software engineer