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Jelli Achieves Milestone Serving One Billion Programmatic Ads This Year (And Still Counting!)

BY Jelli ON September 9, 2014 IN Jelli News


We’re proud to announce the achievement of a major milestone at Jelli.

We have served more than 1 billion programmatic radio ads from our platform as of August 2014, across 165 campaigns for leading advertisers.

RadioSpot is now deployed at more than 400 radio stations in over 185 cities nationwide, reaching 60 million people weekly.

Mirroring the surge in programmatic advertising across other media categories including digital, video and TV, programmatic radio advertising is growing rapidly and has hit an important threshold.

Since we launched our programmatic advertising platform, including our cloud-based ad server RadioSpot™ and algorithmic buying platform SpotPlan™, we have experienced explosive growth and adoption by publishers and advertisers alike.

“We’ve entered into the Age of Programmatic advertising,” said Mike Dougherty, CEO of Jelli.

“Jelli’s platform gives the radio industry the tools to better compete in today’s ad marketplace. With marketers moving so quickly to programmatic, Jelli ensures that radio will be included in the planning mix for this new generation of ad buyers.”

Exciting new innovations and partnerships are on tap for the coming months. Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight the industry’s adoption of RadioSpot and SpotPlan, and Jelli’s position as the leader in bringing programmatic to radio.