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Jelli Affiliates – Setting up for Success

BY Jelli ON July 17, 2013 IN Jelli News

Every day, the Jelli Cloud Platform serves radio programming and advertising dynamically to Jelli-equipped stations across the country.

Empowering a traditional radio station with the power of the cloud is a process that we’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about and refining. It is based as much on Jelli’s proprietary technological innovations as it is on the open exchange of ideas with our station partners, or affiliates.

Building that bridge is the job of the Jelli Operations team. We assess our partner’s needs, concerns, and goals early on, in order to identify the best options for integrating their station with Jelli’s cloud technology. From on-boarding to launch, we work closely with each partner and collaborate to overcome challenges. And once a station is up and running, the Jelli Platform allows us to pinpoint issues quickly and assess if a solution is working well or if adjustments are needed.

We have deployed Jelli in markets of all sizes — from a geographically-challenged location where our cloud monitoring flagged an issue that we could resolve remotely (thus saving the station’s local engineer a trip), to a larger metropolitan market where we collaborated with the lead engineer on rolling out a custom-tailored implementation.

Looking for ways to drive innovation in the radio industry is the priority of every member of the Jelli team. But this would be impossible without the collaborative input from our station partners. So, whether it has to do with adding features and integrations, streamlining our server deployment process, or improving customer support—when our affiliates talk, we don’t just listen, we act.