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Jelli Enters Expansion Phase Opening New Offices to Keep Pace With 266% Platform Growth

BY Jelli ON June 7, 2017 IN Jelli News

Due to an overwhelming demand which continues to climb, as evident in the increase of more than 266% in gross media spend over the past 12 months, we are expanding our client facing teams. Our new offices, located in Boise, Idaho and New York City, will accommodate for the increasing agency buying activity and client demand.

Why is Jelli growing so fast?

We can talk numbers all day long, but personally, we prefer a customer story.

Megan’s Programmatic Journey

Megan buys radio for an auto retailer in Texas. Initially, she was apprehensive about using Jelli. Trying something new and unfamiliar was scary when she knew she could rely on the tried and true. Not to mention, her client required the top stations.  It was hard for her to imagine embracing a new piece of technology with the potential to slow her down or under-deliver for her client.

“I’m too busy to entertain something new—I don’t want to change the process,” said Megan.

“What if we save you time and increase your clients return on investment?” said Jelli

"We're too busy" caveman graphic to demonstrate change because Jelli opened new offices.

Back to the Story

So how did Megan get over her worries?  Our Jelli Sales team demonstrated the ability for her to leverage her buying expertise with the help of SpotPlan® to deliver more impressions for her client’s budget. Plus, SpotPlan® condensed her normal buying process from 3-4 weeks down to about 30 minutes. She was shocked—can you blame her? The easy-to-use buying interface transformed her buying process which used to take place in antiquated RFPs and emails into a fast and easy experience. Plus, when she had questions she simply turned to our Jelli Customer Success team, who was there to train and answer ongoing questions. Since her first Jelli SpotPlan® experience, Megan is converted, having completed more than 5 campaigns to date.

Megan’s experience is a good representation of why demand has led to the logical expansion of our client facing teams. Megan is now entirely self-sufficient, however, she still has the Jelli team’s ongoing assistance when she needs it. This expansion allows us to improve our support capabilities so we can continue assisting buyers like Megan.

Megan is not alone

Jelli’s programmatic buying experience is transforming the radio buying industry, just as digital technology has already has done in other mediums. In fact, Bob Pittman, CEO of iHeartMedia, said, “Most of the agencies that I talk to say that by the year 2020, there will be nothing except electronic buying and selling.”  Karsten Weide from IDC Research also predicts “…By 2020, roughly one of every five radio dollars will be booked programmatically or about $4 billion.”

For more details about our expansion read the press release here.