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Jelli Launches a Record Number of Radio Stations on its Ad Platform in Q1 2014

BY Jelli ON April 23, 2014 IN Jelli News

Blog Post 4-23

Whew, what a quarter! We delivered a record-breaking quarter hitting major milestones ranging from a rapidly growing roster of radio stations and the successful launch of SpotPlan™.

Our blistering pace in the first quarter demonstrates that many radio stations, networks and advertisers are taking action to shape how the business of advertising will be conducted in the future.

According to Magna Global, programmatic buying via automated systems represented over half of online-display ad spending in 2013 and will represent approximately 80% by 2017. With our pace in Q1, we are seeing that radio is starting to embrace programmatic buying opportunities as well.

First quarter 2014 highlights include:
•    Launching 188 radio stations on RadioSpot™ during the quarter, representing 109% growth in terms of number of stations versus Q4 2013 and doubling the impressions served from the platform.  This is fueling rapid growth in programmatic radio advertising across numerous markets with an impressive partnership roster that includes Marketron, Townsquare Media, Entercom, Emmis owned WQHT-FM (HOT 97) in New York City, Sun Broadcast Groupand Focus 360.
•    Reduced time to launch by 133% vs. 2013 on the RadioSpot platform due to investments made in automatic networking and an ad trigger technology that works with all traffic and automation systems.
•    18 stations per week achieved certification and the average time for a station to receive the green light was 12 days due to the RadioSpot installation online app that provides partners the ability to certify in 4 steps with an easy to use guide.

Exciting new innovations and partnerships are on tap for the coming months. Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight the industry’s adoption of RadioSpot and Jelli’s position as the leader in bringing programmatic to radio.