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Jelli’s most coveted title: User of the Week

BY Jelli ON July 2, 2013 IN Jelli News

Since the Beta days of Jelli, I have been running the User of the Week contest. Each and every Friday I run the stats for who will win this honorary title.

A User of the Week is a Jelli user that is the most active user on Jelli. Someone who has voted for their favorite songs, who has been an active participant during broadcasts and logs in on a regular basis. But most of all – who is having the most fun on Jelli. I calculate the stats Friday to Friday. So 7 days of activity across all Jelli stations.

When you win User of the Week, what do you get?! This is the rad part. You receive an email from Jelli saying you’ve won, you get a cool badge on your profile AND you get to pick a 3-5 second sigtone. A sigtone is a clip from any movie or song or sound that expresses you. We then attach it to your username. That way every time you rocket up a track and it plays, TBone will read your name and play your sigtone!

Take a listen to my sigtone:

So, do you have what it takes to be User of the Week? There’s only one way to find out – get in the game at or through the Jelli mobile apps for iPhone or Android.

Jennifer Radov
Station Operations Manager

Note from Jelli management: jenniswimming cannot be bribed or coerced into awarding you User of the Week