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Katz and Entercom run Geico test campaign

BY Michael Dougherty ON September 17, 2015 IN The Power of Audio



We are extremely proud to be involved with the first ever live programmatic radio activation for the #3 largest US radio advertiser last year, and their agency, Horizon Media. GEICO bought spot advertising via Expressway from Katz that will air on Entercom Radio stations in various local markets.

Entercom is a long-standing partner of Jelli, being the first major group to fully deploy the Jelli technology platform throughout their operating stations in 2013. Today, Jelli’s platform is live in over 1,250 radio stations, reaching more than 240 million people monthly, in the top 200+ cities nationwide.

Here is the press release related to the news: Horizon Media Pilots First-Ever Live Programmatic Radio Activation for GEICO on Expressway from Katz, Radio’s Industry-Wide Programmatic Buying Exchange.

Katz chose Jelli to create an agnostic exchange that can run equally across virtually all broadcaster systems – a truly comprehensive, industry wide solution. In addition, we are developing the technology underlying Expressway from Katz to be responsive to all agencies and advertisers’ buying and planning software, making inventory available any way they want to buy.

Expressway from Katz is scheduled to launch in early 2016.

Michael Dougherty

Michael Dougherty

chief executive officer