7 of Our Favorite Tech Blogs

By: Ryan Miller

As a tech team with a startup mindset, we’re always talking about the newest apps and latest industry news, but how do we stay up-to-date? One way is through reading tech blogs.

After all, how else are we supposed to keep innovating? We find that scanning through the best tech blogs every day helps us improve our own engineering and keep up with what’s new.

Here are seven of our favorite tech blogs that are written by engineering teams:

1. iHeartRadio Tech Blog

As an iHeart company, we obviously get a little extra excited about what our engineering partners are working on, but this tech blog is really good. It’s just the right combination of geeky and helpful and comes straight from the iHeartRadio engineering team.

2. Uber Engineering Blog

We like this one because it offers resources on a lot of topics, from building distributed systems to geospatial analysis. Uber is also a company that works as a supply and demand platform, similar to what we do at Jelli.

3. Riot Games Tech Blog

This blog dives into the nitty-gritty elements of gaming tech. Gaming is a big part of our company culture so it’s no surprise that this blog is a favorite among a few of our engineers.

4. LinkedIn Engineering Blog

LinkedIn’s engineering blog offers some good resources with regards to technologies that we use every day. LinkedIn developed and is a big supporter of some of the tools we currently use at Jelli such as Ember.js and Apache Kafka.

5. The Slack Engineering Blog

Slack is one of our most used apps at the office and we love that we can learn new things from their team’s blog!

6. GitHub Engineering

To the surprise of nobody, GitHub gets very technical on this blog. Most of the articles are specific to GitHub but they cover everything from upgrades to performance impacts.

7. Buffer Overflow Blog

Buffer’s tech blog is one of the most readable engineering blogs out there. The topics are wide-ranging but still technical in nature. There are articles about how to communicate technical information in digestible ways, churn predictions, and leveraging machine learning. 

There are a lot of great technical blogs out there, but these seven are a good place to start. If you have any tech blog recommendations for our team, send us a note on Twitter!