AdServer API Taking Us to the Future

By: Jelli Engineer

Our AdServer API allows iHeartMedia to retrieve the creatives (audio ads) and metadata that is required to air booked campaigns on the radio. With this update, stations that leverage this integration no longer need a physical Jelli appliance to stream radio ads. 

Why is this important? 

It reduces operational complexity and cost and allows for future expansion.

Operational Complexity

iHeartMedia began moving more of their operations into the cloud years ago and one of the main components being moved was their automation system (RCS) into a new product called Zetta Cloud. The Jelli appliance is tightly integrated to the automation system and with its move into the cloud, we saw an opportunity to reduce our operational complexity. 

Modernization and Future Expansion

Deploying software into the cloud has allowed us to deliver impactful features on a weekly basis. Doing the same to on-premise hardware (i.e. the Jelli appliance) is much more complex and therefore often avoided. The move to the cloud also allows us to iterate and add new functionality to our ad delivery. In fact, we designed the API and its infrastructure to be expandable into digital streaming and smart devices in the future. It’s already a key part of one of our new projects, too!

A lot of new capabilities were rolled out as part of this project. This list could be pages long, but I’ll keep it short and summarize in a few bullets.

  • Jelli’s first active-active multi-region deployment which means serving traffic from both the East and West coasts. In the event that one region goes down, the other will automatically take over. This can also be expanded into additional regions.
  • Microservices with Kubernetes, Docker, and a bunch of supporting tech. Microservices allows teams to iterate faster, roll out new functionality quickly, and scale better.
  • Aurora, a new cross-region data store.
  • Leveraging Okta for Oauth2, an industry standard.
  • New monitoring and alerting tools specific to these capabilities. 

All of these capabilities were built to be the foundation of new development. Three of our new/in-progress projects will likely benefit from the work done here.