EnviroManager: An iHeartRadio Hack Week Project

By: Ryan Miller

At Jelli, we’re big fans of hackathons, and as an iHeartMedia company, we get to participate in all of iHeart’s hack events. Hackathons aren’t a new concept, but popularity is growing among tech communities. Whether you want to learn or test a new skill, gain some fresh inspiration, or network with fellow tech enthusiasts, hack events are worth the investment.

iHeartRadio takes hackathons to a whole new level. Teams range from software engineers and UX designers to product managers and data scientists, all coming together to find ways to make our products better. At the most recent iHeartRadio Hack Week event, the Jelli team created EnviroManager, a catalog of engineering tools and services.

Why EnviroManager? We’re glad you asked!

Do you ever have to ping your colleagues to get the right environment URL? Do you bookmark all of the tools that enable your daily work? Do you test products in various environments and have to remember how to access them? Are you a consumer of multiple services or tools? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would benefit from EnviroManager.

Enviromanager preview

We have a long list of tools and diverse environments that we use daily at Jelli. Some environments are used more often than others which leaves us wondering how to access those that we use infrequently. With EnviroManger, anyone on the team can find everything in one place. The Jelli team has already started using the tool, and we’ve received great feedback from our colleagues! We anticipate that EnviroManager will save time and promote productivity across our engineering teams.

Enviromanager preview

Note: the prod errors in this screen capture are due to a configuration error that we weren’t able to address within the Hack Week timeline, especially without a DevOps engineer on the team… it is a hackathon, after all! 🙂

Our Hack Week team consisted of Wesley Matson, Shashank Arora, Mandar Kapdoskar, and Charles Hudson. Are you a fan of hacking? We’d love to have you on our team! Please visit our careers page to explore current job openings.