Our 2019 Predictions for Audio, Tech, and Advertising

By: Ryan Miller

Jelli fosters a culture of innovation and it’s really important to us that we stay curious and think about the future and new tech possibilities. This year was our biggest yet which has us feeling extra excited about the year to come. With that spirit in mind, we asked a few of our team members to share their 2019 audio, tech, and advertising predictions.

Cagri Merdan

Senior Product Manager

As more and more users adopt voice assistants and get comfortable using them, voice technology will find its way into new industries. For example, hotel guests will be greeted by a voice assistant and learn about the room’s amenities when they enter their room or individuals with health issues can speak to a virtual nurse assistant.

Ryan Rishi

Software Engineer

With rising digital privacy concerns (GDPR, Cambridge Analytica, #deletefacebook), we will see a shift from digital advertising to new forms of advertising — or maybe a new way of buying traditional advertising mediums (like Jelli!).

On a less cynical note, I think the audio space will see even more unification — we’ve seen just this past year Pandora buying Adswizz, Sirius buying Pandora, Google providing a DSP to buy Spotify/Google Play/Soundcloud, iHeart acquiring Jelli, and more. The audio rollup has begun and will continue to do so and the audio ecosystem continues to expand.

 Josh Carter

Product Manager

Podcast advertising will reach $1 billion in 2019. In 2017, podcast advertising revenues were about $300 million and are expected to grow by 110% over the next 3 years. Current measurement and attribution constraints have hindered podcast advertising from being an option for most large brands. In 2019, a company (or group of companies) will position themselves as the solution to these data problems. This will sky-rocket podcast advertising to new heights that will soon rival other audio streaming.

Josh Newell

Senior Software Engineer

Attribution is king! Attribution will continue to be a hot topic and you will see many companies and tools focused on precisely this. Plus, there’s definitely more to come on advertising for smart speakers. 2019 won’t be the year when companies “figure out” ad delivery on smart speakers. More iterations will be needed in the coming years, but brands have had a presence on Alexa with branded skills, so one thing is certain, voice platforms are going to have a huge impact on how brands communicate to customers.

Phil Kling

Senior Manager Program Management

AI Solutions will make audio advertising platforms more self-service and auto-scaling than ever, allowing anyone interested to break into multi-platform audio advertising by allowing Artificial Intelligence to develop advertising creatives and manage advertising campaigns while creating data-driven personalized moment marketing for streaming, podcasts, terrestrial radio, and interactive audio marketplaces. In 2019 four big areas will include:

  1. AI Generated Advertising Creatives
  2. AI Personalized Creatives
  3. AI Based Ad Testing, Ad Improvement, and Campaign Optimization
  4. AI Managed Programmatic DSP Sales

Do you agree with these predictions or have any of your own? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on Twitter! To learn more about what’s happening in the industry, check out our blog.