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Let your users take control with the Jelli Widget

BY Jelli ON August 9, 2013 IN Jelli News

Jelli affiliates can empower their listeners, by giving them control of the songs  playing on their radio station, via their own website.

A widget is a small application that can be installed, occupying a portion of a webpage. The widget can be easily embedded into any website. For exampleJelli Vegas 96.7.

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Enabling the Jelli widget to run within any website is simple, whether managed by a Jelli affiliate or through a CMS. Our widget is placed on websites for a unique reason – to enable users to vote for the songs that will play in live FM broadcasts. The Jelli widget can be customized by switching between two different built-in themes and provides APIs to build any complex web application on top of it.

When users log onto the stations website, they see the widget, and with this they can vote up the songs they want to hear.

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We’ve introduced the Jelli widget across the US and Turkey. This has been a huge success, and ever since, the Jelli affiliates have been incorporating the widget into their websites.

The Benefits of the Jelli widget

  1. The Jelli widget opens another window to the web for radio stations, incorporating traditional radio broadcasting with online voting. This can be done from the users desktop or mobile device.
  2. The Jelli widget displays radio programs and playlists in a website representation format. This means any radio station listener can go online, see the content and listen to the stream at the same time.
  3. The widget brings the voting game (the track with the highest votes that gets played next) to Jelli affiliates’ websites.
  4. The chat room available inside the widget provides a platform where station listeners can socialize with each other, interact with station DJs, and communicate with one another on the songs to vote for.

Why use the Jelli widget?

To attract new listeners, increase listener loyalty and drive engagement all in a very cost efficient way. This interactivity helps build a community among listeners from all over.
It also boosts communication between users and station DJ’s, providing excellent real-time feedback into the needs and wants of users.

We are continuing to work with station affiliates to incorporate the Jelli widget.