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Marketron and Jelli to simplify the process of selling radio ads by creating a real-time Supply-Side platform for radio

BY Jelli ON April 3, 2014 IN Jelli News

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As we’ve mentioned before, our mission at Jelli is to make buying and running radio ads fast and easy.

But to accomplish this mission, we need to make sure advertisers have the largest selection of radio stations, markets and formats possible to achieve their reach and audience targeting goals for their advertising campaigns.

Today we are announcing a strategic partnership to help us achieve this goal, by collaborating with Marketron, the leading provider of business software solutions and services to thousands of radio stations across the country.

Marketron’s software is used by thousands of radio stations in hundreds of markets to manage all of their ad inventory. With this partnership, Marketron will enable stations to sell ad inventory directly to Jelli’s programmatic buyers from within the Marketron software interface.

This will allow managers at radio stations to access the surging demand for programmatic inventory, automatically, via a few clicks, using the same software that they use every day for ad sales and operations. The software will help the stations price, package and sell the inventory seamlessly, right from their desktop, while maintaining full control and price integrity set by station management.

As part of the agreement, Marketron will license our Supply-Side APIs to enable Marketron’s Mediascape open platform to tap into the power of Jelli’s programmatic ad platform.

By combining our real-time ad serving and reporting capabilities with the Mediascape platform, Jelli and Marketron will create a powerful “supply-side platform” that will ultimately increase revenue opportunities for radio stations by making it easier for broadcasters to sell, and advertisers to buy, radio ads.

We’re excited to bring innovation like this to the radio market, and we look forward to taking another big step in combining the power of programmatic advertising with the massive (and effective) scale of broadcast radio.