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Meet SpotPlan™, the first programmatic buying platform for radio

BY Jelli ON March 12, 2014 IN Jelli News


Our mission at Jelli is to make buying and selling radio advertising much easier and faster than ever before.

Today we are taking major steps towards this goal by releasing the first programmatic buying platform for radio: SpotPlan™.

Radio remains an extremely effective marketing medium, commanding 1 in 10 marketing dollars in the USA and retaining its position as the most effective way to reach consumers within 30 minutes of a purchase decision.

Although the medium has many advantages, the process to buy radio has not seen much innovation. To web-savvy marketers, the experience can feel very old school, with spreadsheet and email-driven processes, multiple steps, inflexible network “vehicles” and many people in the middle to run a national campaign.

Over the last twelve months, our programmatic advertising platform for radio solved two of the three key steps for a radio campaign. RadioSpot™, our cloud-based radio ad server, automates and serves radio spots on the air in real-time. RadioDash™, our real-time campaign dashboard, reports ads as they run, along with powerful analytics. We made running and reporting ads very fast and easy.

This has lead to significant growth, as Jelli has expanded in the last twelve months to over 350+ radio stations in 128 cities on the platform, serving billions of radio ads annually, with several strategic radio network partners leveraging us to transform their business.


Which brings us to our announcement today. “Programmatic” advertising for many means the ability to use technology, data and automation to allow marketers to target and buy audiences through “UI” and easy-to-use web applications, and not old school email threads and spreadsheet-driven processes.

SpotPlan is a programmatic buying platform for radio. It enables a media planner to plan, book, and buy campaigns via a powerful web application. The planner can set parameters against audience targets and campaign goals, and the platform uses advanced algorithms to identify the most efficient combination of stations and price to deliver those goals.

With SpotPlan a buyer can target by demographic, daypart, market and impression/GRP goals in the most efficient method possible. This maximizes value for for advertisers, radio stations and radio networks. Once a buy is finalized, the audio creative is uploaded to Jelli’s cloud platform, and RadioSpot serves the spot on the appropriate local radio stations nationwide, strictly complying with campaign specs and delivering the highest levels of compliance and transparency for the marketer.

What’s Next?

We are already seeing significant benefits with SpotPlan on the campaigns running through the Jelli platform on hundreds of stations across the country. The combination of algorithmic buying and dynamic ad serving is powerful. The efficiency that is possible from applying advanced technology to each step of the process promises to unlock significant potential for the $16 billion radio industry.