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New real-time ad plays report provides Jelli advertisers with complete transparency into their broadcast radio campaigns

BY Jelli ON June 19, 2013 IN Jelli News


A few months ago, we launched the Campaigns Dashboard, a self-service app that Jelli advertisers (or their agencies) can log into and view the progress of their broadcast radio campaigns that run on the Jelli network.

This week we added a new feature to the Campaigns Dashboard – the Ad Plays Report – that allows our advertising partners to monitor the delivery of their broadcast radio campaigns IN REAL-TIME. 

This is a first for the broadcast radio advertising industry. Usually, advertisers place a broadcast radio buy and wait – sometimes weeks – to get data back on how the campaign delivered.

With the new ad plays report in the Jelli Campaigns Dashboard, every ad play is detailed in an easy to use web interface, showing where and when the ads aired. Imagine logging on to Jelli on the first day of your campaign and watching the report populate with data as your ads deliver across the country.

The ad plays report also makes it easy to filter the campaign delivery data by creative (ISCI), time period, and even market. So if you want to just look at ad plays in the Denver market for the first few days of your campaign, the data is just a few clicks away.

And to make data crunching easy, users can download an Excel-friendly CSV format of the ad plays report with either the full campaign delivery data, or a portion of it based on their selected filters.

At Jelli, we’re committed to bringing greater transparency, accountability, and delivery to broadcast radio advertising. Our new Ad Plays Report in the Jelli Campaigns Dashboard is a big step – maybe even a giant leap – in the right direction.