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NMT: June 7, 2016

BY Jelli ON June 7, 2016 IN Jelli News


We’ve spotted some big innovation at Jelli this week, with the release of Spot buying capabilities, now live on the platform and available through the iHeartMedia Private Network.
Feel the speed and efficiency of realtime, cloud-based, programmatic spot buying. Enjoy!

Feature of the Week: How do I create a plan with different goals for markets or date ranges?


We have seen a lot more activity picking up on SpotPlan over the last couple of weeks. Our top question we’ve been getting that we’d like to share with everyone is:

Q: How do I create a plan with different goals for markets or date ranges?


  1. When creating a new plan, click on the “Configure advanced goals >>” link.
  2. First, you can set your Goal type. This determines whether your goal inputs are based on Impression or GRP metrics. Using Impressions will allow you to set goals based on Impressions and CPM. Using GRPs will allow you to set goals based on GRPs and CPP.
  3. You can set a date range for your goal, and you can set multiple date ranges (for example, if you’d like to target non-consecutive date ranges). You can type in dates or use the calendar picker.
  4. To add multiple date ranges, click the “+ Add date range” link.
  5. For the next part of Advanced Goals, you can select Markets, Formats, and Goals to aim for. To start, you can click the icon next to “All Markets / All Formats.” This will bring up the same modal as the Location targeting. To review how to target by location, read this section on Location Targeting.
  6. Once you’ve selected your market or format exclusions, you can input Goals such as Impressions/GRP, CPM/CPP, and Budget limit.
  7. If you have different goals for different formats or markets, you can add them by clicking on “+ New Row.” You can also use “copy row” to create a new row with the current information.
  8. To create a set of goals with different date ranges, dayparts, and markets, click “+ Add Config.”

New Features:

We shipped a group of features that will help you conduct faster analysis of your plans on Jelli platform. These features were prioritized based on the feedback we received in training roadshow.

We added an ability to group Markets into Tiers.

We added Market Index [both by National Population and Coverage Population: Population covered by markets in plan ], iHeartMedia Rating Point for Enhanced Audiences, and finally Population values for the audience segment in the entire nation and also broken down by Market.

Please refer to glossary here for the exact formulas used to do the calculations.

NMT was inspired by the day of the week that the music industry drops new album releases.