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NMT: July 5, 2016

BY Jelli ON July 5, 2016 IN Jelli News


We hope you had a great 4th of July! With all the festivities of the weekend, we’ve also seen some fireworks at Jelli as programmatic takes off like a rocket. You have placed some of the biggest buys yet through our platform, targeting unique audience data cohorts, and our partners have been testing weather trigger campaigns to play the right version of the creative based upon realtime weather conditions.

Feature of the Week: Advanced Market Selection

When you create a plan, you may have specific goals in mind for different markets. To accomplish this, you can use the market & format selection feature in Advanced Goals. Click on the notepad button to get started.
In this wizard, you can click on formats or markets you want to exclude from your plan or goal. In the case of markets, you can sort by market name, state, or rank as well as search. In the example below, we’ve excluded New York, NY from our plan, as indicated by the gray background and crossed out text. Once you have your desired set of markets, click on Submit to save your changes.

New Features:

Price Guarantee: 

Price guarantee is coming to SpotPlan this week. Inventory prices can change even after a plan is created and saved, which can affect the price of the total plan; Price Guarantee will protect your SAVED plan against such price changes for a limited time. Price expiry is indicated on the plan list as well as in your plan details, so you can easily check how much time you have to book your plan. You can BOOK your plan any time before the plan expires to lock in inventory and price for that plan.

New Release Schedule:

Thank you all for using SpotPlan and providing feedback.

Starting this month, Jelli will be switching from a continuous release cycle to a monthly release cycle. New features will be prioritized and released in batches at the end of each month.

NMT was inspired by the day of the week that the music industry drops new album releases