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NMT: December 13, 2016

BY Jelli ON January 3, 2017 IN Jelli News


From all of us here at Jelli, we wish you a Happy Holiday!

New Features!

Planner Feedback

We’re introducing planner feedback to help you when creating plans.

Sometimes when planning, SpotPlan may not be able to find inventory or create any plan based on your inputted specs. Previously when this happened SpotPlan would show an error message.

Now we will show your incomplete plan with some feedback on why your plan may not have been completed. This feature will pave the way for future and more helpful feedback such as why a plan may not meet the impressions goal.




Lauren from Zenith is this months UOTM!

She has been the most radioactive in our platform over the last 30 days. As part of this prestige award she will have a featured a quote in SpotPlan!

Keep planning everyone, the next UOTM could be you!

NMT was inspired by the day of the week that the music industry drops new album releases