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NMT: June 13, 2017

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Company Updates

Jelli is Growing!

Due to an overwhelming demand from buyers like you, we recently expanded our client facing teams. Our new Jelli offices, located in Boise, Idaho and New York City, will accommodate yours and your clients’ increasing buying on the platform.

Why is Jelli Growing So Much?

Jelli’s year-over-year growth metrics are:

  • 266% growth rate in platform spend in past year to over $62 million on a run-rate basis
  • 254% growth rate in number of total advertisers to over 355
  • Total transactional volume in the first 3 months of 2017 has already exceeded all of 2016

We can talk numbers all day long, but personally, we prefer a customer story. Read about Megan’s programmatic story on our blog.

Megan’s experience is a good representation of why demand has led to the expansion of our client facing teams. This expansion allows us to improve our support capabilities so we can help buyers like you (and Megan) get the most out of SpotPlan.

Building Community in Boise

To celebrate our growth, we hosted a ribbon cutting at our new Boise location. Boise has been very welcoming to Jelli and as a center of excellence for our Customer Success team, we expect that you’ll get even more out of our platform.

Check out some of the fun we had at the ribbon cutting with the clip local NBC affiliate shared on their website!

Feature Highlights

Here at Jelli we receive consistent feedback from our customers about some of the SpotPlan features they use most. We thought we’d share some of the most popular ones so that everyone knows to use them in their own campaign buying.

Two classic features not everyone knows about are:

  • Market Index
  • Weekday Selection

They’re small but powerful features that enable you to customize your buys. Feel free to check them out yourself by visiting SpotPlan, logging in and testing the features out on your next buy. And as always check out the Jelli blog for more information and past NMT posts.

Highlighted Feature: Market Index

  • What does it do? Market indexing increases SpotPlan’s flexibility by allowing Network buyers to “heavy up” or “dial down” selected markets to easily build effective custom network plans. For instance, buyers can easily over-index the top 5 markets or specifically selected markets.

Highlighted Feature: Weekday Selection

  • What does it do? Buyers can use the Weekday selection feature within SpotPlan to limit the plan to specific days of the week. Ability to include or exclude specific weekdays is available for Spot buys on Expressway as well as Spot, Network, and Audience buys on IHM’s private network.

To learn more to contact us at Jelli headquarters for more information on these and all Jelli product features!


Taylor from GroupM is this month’s UOTM!

Taylor has been the most radioactive in our platform over the last 30 days. As part of this prestigious award, they will have a featured quote in SpotPlan!

Keep planning everyone, the next UOTM could be you!

NMT was inspired by the day of the week that the music industry drops new album releases