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NMT: March 14, 2017

BY Jelli ON March 14, 2017 IN Jelli News


March means Jelli new feature madness!

New Enhancements!

Work never stops here at Jelli Headquarters as the product and engineering teams labor around the clock to add more useful features to SpotPlan and RadioDash.

We’ve been extremely busy and productive this past month and are excited to announce a number of new platform features as a result:

  • Black and Ethnic Data Book Support
  • Sharing Plans with Contact Info
  • Creative Notes
  • Weekly Spot Load Configuration Made Easy
  • Booking Plans based on Plan Health

Let’s jump into the details!

Black and Ethnic Data Book Support

  • What’s it called? Black and Ethnic Data Book Support.
  • What is the new feature? Incorporating Nielsen’s ethnic audience data helps evolve Jelli’s targeting capabilities making them more sophisticated for advertisers.

Sharing Plans with Contact Info

  • What’s it called? We’re calling this one “Sharing Plans with Contact Info.”
  • What is the new feature? This feature allows you to easily share your contact info with the Marketplace team.

Weekly Spot Load Configuration Made Easy

  • What’s it called?  Get ready for a long name, “Weekly Spot Load Configuration Made Easy.”
  • What is the new feature? This feature automatically associates a minimum and maximum # of spots in a market for you – you can easily edit these settings directly yourself but they assure that you’ll generate a minimum level of exposure for your campaigns when you don’t revise them.

Always feel free to contact us at Jelli headquarters for more information on these and all Jelli product features!

Did You Know? A Jelli Reading List

We’re always keeping up with all of the fast-changing developments in programmatic advertising and thought we’d share with you some of the most informative articles we’ve read recently. Let’s start first with the fundamentals:

  • What is programmatic direct advertising? Seems like a no-brainer right? Perhaps. This, however, is an important topic to us since we built our approach on this model for a reason: it provides the benefits of automation while still allowing for the human element in media buying. This primer from Diksha Sahni at AppLift is one of a series of helpful articles in the programmatic space and we find this post particularly helpful when explaining the concept to anyone new to the field. You can read the post, “Programmatic Direct: Automating The Handshake Between Advertisers And Publishers” by clicking here.
  • A clean, well-lighted place for ads. Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere but when the CMO of P&G speaks, we all listen. We’re fortunate that in the world of programmatic radio that many of the issues Marc Pritchard highlights don’t exist but think it’s important to keep in mind many of the challenges all marketers face. Jerry Daykin has a thoughtful piece about digital transparency and Pritchard’s take on the issue. Read the article here.
  • A new “fifth wave” of programmatic. It’s easy to forget in the relatively new world of programmatic radio that the field has actually been around long enough to seen multiple phases of development. Eric Picard, VP of adtech at Pandora, is one of the brightest minds in the industry and someone we at Jelli follow closely. In his latest article, “The Fifth Wave Of Ad Tech: Privileged Programmatic,” he posits the existence of a “Fifth Wave” of adtech development, i.e. when spending and quality inventory begin mostly transacting within private marketplaces rather than public ones in the private marketplace model similar to what Jelli offers its buyers. Check out Eric’s insights here.
  • Jelli in the news. And finally, tooting our own horn a bit, Inside Radio magazine recently published a series of programmatic radio articles creating a valuable resource on the state of the industry in 2017. You can read the articles on the 1-2-3 of programmatic, the expanding popularity of programmatic in radio advertising, and finally the future of programmatic radio. It’s a lot to read but we think you’ll come away feeling like an expert in the field once you do!


Andrea from Acurian is this month’s UOTM!

She has been the most radioactive in our platform over the last 30 days. As part of this prestige award she will have a featured a quote in SpotPlan!

Keep planning everyone, the next UOTM could be you!

NMT was inspired by the day of the week that the music industry drops new album releases