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NMT: October 18, 2016

BY Jelli ON January 3, 2017 IN Jelli News


Expressway is live! Don’t forget to check out the Expressway from Katz SpotMarket on Jelli

New Features!

Market Index

Market indexing increases SpotPlan’s flexibility by allowing Network buyers to “heavy up” or “dial down” selected markets to easily build effective custom network plans. For instance, buyers can easily over-index the top 5 markets or specifically selected markets.


Weekday Selection

Buyers can use the Weekday selection feature within SpotPlan to limit the plan to specific days of the week. Ability to include or exclude specific weekdays is available for Spot, Network, and Enhanced Audience buys on IHM’s private network.




Jessica from Spark is this months UOTM!

She has been the most radioactive in our platform over the last 30 days. As part of this prestige award she will have a featured a quote in SpotPlan!

Keep planning everyone, the next UOTM could be you!

NMT was inspired by the day of the week that the music industry drops new album releases