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NMT: September 20, 2016

BY Jelli ON January 3, 2017 IN Jelli News


Jelli’s SpotPlan® Platform Brings New Money to RadioJelli announces milestones for its self-service buying platform SpotPlan® at the annual NAB Radio Show as it launches into general release.

New Features!

Station and Station Rank Selection

Allow Spot buyers to include or exclude a range of station ranks or even specific stations in a market. For instance, planners can easily build plans that use only top 10 stations. Moreover planners can exclude stations that are not a good fit with the advertiser’s brand.



Template Dayparts

Allow planners to specify minimums for groups of dayparts or simply include a specific group of dayparts within any plan. This capability allows planners to specify goals like “at least 80% of the plan should air during weekdays” or “at least 35% in AM Dr and include PM Drive and Weekends”.



Regina from Discovery is this months UOTM!

She has been the most radioactive in our platform over the last 30 days. As part of this prestige award she will have a featured a quote in SpotPlan!

Keep planning everyone, the next UOTM could be you!

NMT was inspired by the day of the week that the music industry drops new album releases