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Power of Audio – Use and Reach

BY Michael Dougherty ON September 17, 2015 IN The Power of Audio

Audio. It’s your favorite music, the voices of your favorite media personalities, a vehicle for rich storytelling and news. Among media categories, it’s one of the most pervasive and intimate.

Visual media — like TV and streaming video — doesn’t always fit into our lives, but we enjoy audio all the time.

We listen through our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and radios. It’s our soundtrack while driving, working, exercising, and unwinding.

At Jelli, we are passionate about audio in all of its forms. Over half of Americans over the age of 12 listen to radio online, especially on devices such as smartphones. But for broadcast radio, the number is even higher. In the U.S., broadcast radio alone reaches over 90% of nearly every demographic. The reach of broadcast even outstrips the reach of the internet itself, by some measures.

Broadcast radio is so widely listened to, that the makeup and lifestyle habits of the audience very closely mirrors American culture itself.

91% of Millennials (people 18-34 years old) listen to broadcast radio. So do 94% of Gen-X’ers (ages 34-49) and 94% of baby-boomers (50-64). 91% of African American audiences, and 93% of Hispanic, tune in each week.

And we don’t just listen at home or on the weekend. Actually, the reverse is true. Radio listening grows while we are out in the world, living our lives. About 64% of listening is away from home. We tune in all day, morning until evening, and our listening spikes on Thursday and Friday as the weekend approaches.

Jelli’s platform transforms the buying and running of terrestrial audio advertising, allowing partners to reach significant scale while achieving the benefits of digital execution. Advertisers on our platform can reach over 240m people in the United States, in over 200 cities representing 99.2% population reach.

Michael Dougherty

Michael Dougherty

chief executive officer