Katz Radio Group’s Groundbreaking Industry-wide Programmatic Buying Exchange, Now Offers Advertisers Premium Radio Inventory From Leading Broadcasters via Jelli

Alpha Media, Beasley Media Group, CBS Radio, Cumulus | Westwood One, Emmis Communications, Entercom Communications, Radio One, Townsquare and Others Can Now Offer Their Buyers Premium Inventory through Expressway From Katz, Powered by Cloud-based Technology Provider Jelli

NEW YORK, NY – May 17, 2017 – Katz Radio Group, the nation’s leading media sales organization and national expert in audio advertising solutions, announced today that buyers can now connect directly to premium inventory from major radio groups including Alpha Media, Beasley Media Group, CBS Radio, Cumulus | Westwood One, Emmis Communications, Entercom Communications, Radio One, Townsquare and others through Expressway from Katz, the industry-wide programmatic ad buying solution for broadcast radio.

Expressway from Katz, powered by Jelli, provides each of these radio groups the ability to improve the efficiency of the buying process for their advertisers by reducing administrative hurdles and delays; the ability to offer unique targeting to their buyers by applying important data and insights; and offers universal connectivity, meaning it will work with virtually any buying and trafficking system with an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard.

“Katz is committed to providing the most effective ways for advertisers to reach and influence their target audiences,” said Mark Gray, CEO of Katz Media Group. “In addition to our existing sales efforts, Expressway from Katz now provides each of our radio partners the ability to offer their buyers the additional speed, ease and agility of a modern, programmatic experience for broadcast radio.”

“This is a major milestone for the radio industry,” said Lauren Russo, SVP of Audio and Promotions at Horizon Media. “Expressway from Katz allows us to programmatically access inventory from leading broadcasters, delivering marketers’ messages with data targeting, extensive automation, and real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities in an efficient and cost-effective way.”

“We are very excited to connect Alpha to Expressway from Katz as a programmatic solution for audio,” said Bob Proffitt, President/CEO of Alpha Media. “This forward thinking platform underscores the ROI that radio offers, giving our clients our premium inventory with the automation and speed to market they are demanding.”

Expressway from Katz is a live platform. As a broadcaster we can adjust available inventory and rates in real-time, and buyers can build customized campaigns quickly and purchase inventory in real-time.  It also gives our buyers the flexibility to update creative, even at the last minute,” said Caroline Beasley, CEO of Beasley Media Group.

“Our clients are looking to us for solutions to help them get the most out of their overall marketing strategies,” said Suzanne Grimes, EVP, Corporate Marketing, Cumulus Media and President, Westwood One.  “Expressway from Katz is a strategic solution to help us deliver upon advertiser’s most basic needs such as ease of buying, data to measure effectiveness, and targeting. We are excited to welcome programmatic buying into our wheelhouse of capabilities.”

“Jelli is proud to work with Katz and the radio industry to add a new dimension to radio buying.  With the largest broadcasters and media agencies available on one Exchange, radio companies can provide premium inventory combined with programmatic execution at scale to deliver high ROI for their clients,” said Mike Dougherty, CEO of Jelli.

To learn more about Expressway from Katz and the full list of participating radio groups, contact your Katz sales representative.

About Katz Radio Group: 

Katz Radio Group is the nation’s leading media sales organization and national expert in audio advertising solutions. As the trusted partner to more than 3,300 radio stations and their digital audio platforms, Katz believes in the power of Audio to help national advertisers reach local audiences at scale and with impact. As Audio’s National Experts, its people are dedicated to being trusted, proactive partners and problem-solvers in creating custom campaigns that target advertisers’ needs and deliver strong Audio results in every market across the country. Katz Radio Group is based in New York City, with 14 regional offices nationwide.

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About Jelli:

Jelli is the largest technology platform provider for the $40 billion global audio advertising market. Its mission is to create the easiest and fastest way to buy and run audio advertising programmatically. Jelli’s patented platform is used by some of the largest broadcasters and advertisers in the audio marketplace, reaching hundreds of millions of people monthly and serving billions of audio ads.

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