Jelli and Triton Media Launch Crowdsourced Radio Into National Syndication

SAN MATEO, Calif. and SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. – March 9, 2010Triton Media, together with Jelli, the company that puts radio in the hands of its listeners, announced that their new crowdsourced radio programs, Rock Jelli and Pop Jelli, have launched into national syndication. They will air in markets from coast to coast — from Las Vegas to Bozeman to Boston to Philadelphia. Programs are also streaming live at

As part of the roll out, Jelli and Triton have signed deals with 10 new FM stations: WBOS Boston, MA; WPST Philadelphia, PA; KXTE Las Vegas, NV; WJBX Fort Myers, FL; WJLK Jersey Shore, NJ; WKRL Syracuse, NY; WKLL Utica, NY; KISN Bozeman, MT; KBAZ Missoula, MT and KTRS Casper, WY.

Jelli is a web-based game that lets listeners search a catalog of songs and vote for what they want to hear. Other players vote songs up or down to decide what will actually air next. By playing listeners accumulate Rockets and Bombs they can use to propel a song quickly toward the top of a playlist, or knock it off completely.

When a song is actually playing on the air, listeners can also vote whether it Rocks or Sucks. If enough players think it Sucks, the song is taken off the air instantly, even if it’s mid-song. It is a fun, raucous and engaging experience unlike anything else in radio.

Triton Media is the leading syndicator of digital and broadcast content and tools for radio in the United States. It offers affiliates the two network Jelli programs and also makes them available as customized 24/7 experiences.

“Each version of Jelli, Rock or Pop, is designed to provide the player both a fun and engaging experience at their favorite radio station’s website, and the casual listener a rich and entertaining new form of radio,” commented Kirk Stirland, president of programming at Triton’s Dial Global syndication division.  “Jelli is designed to fit right into the sound of each affiliate station, and to stand out to both listeners and players as a unique experience.”

Dave MacDonald, senior vice president and market manager at CBS Radio said, “We were excited about the success of Jelli’s initial launch in San Francisco, and are now putting X107.5 Las Vegas in the hands of the listeners, allowing them to control the broadcast in real time.”

Donovan Short, regional operations manager at GAPWEST Broadcasting said, “Jelli allows us to engage our listeners and offer them a level of real-time control and accessibility that’s unprecedented.  It allows us to actively expand our online footprint, and draws them in via the gaming-social networking-online world they’re already living in.”

Michelle Stevens, executive vice president of programming at Nassau Broadcasting Partners said, “With Jelli, 94.5 PST integrates the personal benefits of a web-based music service with the interactive approach of social networking, combining them both with our terrestrial brand and providing listeners direct and possibly immediate impact as to the next songs that play live on the air. The listener’s empowerment to actively program the station and follow along with others through the social networking mechanism is very exciting.”

“We’re undergoing a cultural transformation driven by the social web giving a new voice to millions and millions of consumers,” said Mike Dougherty, Jelli CEO. “Jelli lets radio stations take advantage of this shift and give their listeners something that’s both empowering and outrageously fun.”

About Triton Media Group, LLC:
Triton Media Group, LLC ( is the leading supplier of digital products and services to the media industry. Its Triton Digital division supports more than 5,300 radio station affiliations with applications and content. Through its Triton Radio Networks division, Triton owns and operates Dial-Global (, which provides sales representation services to national radio production companies, producing more than 100 different programs and services in addition to providing syndicated programming and services to radio.

About Jelli
Jelli is 100 percent user-controlled radio, enabling users to take over a radio station using their web browsers. Leveraging the power of the web to reinvent traditional broadcasting, Jelli empowers the community to interact with the broadcast in real-time and determine dynamically what plays on-air. Launched in 2009, Jelli is based in San Mateo, CA. For more information, visit

Tuesday, March 9, 2010