Jelli Announces Release of RadioDash™ 3.0 with New Features for Broadcasters

RadioDash 3.0 Now Provides Real-Time Analytics for Publishers to Accompany Its Powerful Reporting Tools for Advertisers

SAN MATEO, CA., March 11, 2015 – Jelli (, the programmatic advertising platform for radio, announces the release of RadioDash™ 3.0, its real-time web dashboard for radio advertising, now including new powerful features for broadcasters.

RadioDash provides the real-time insights of digital advertising for both buyers and sellers of broadcast radio advertising, allowing radio to better compete in today’s era of advertising. RadioDash’s web dashboard delivers essential data such as when commercials ran and what markets the ads played in and gives dashboard users the ability to listen to playback on every station. Users also have the ability to export data for easy integration and analysis to increase return on investment and expedite payments.

With RadioDash 3.0, Jelli significantly expands its feature set to include reporting and analytics for publishers and accompany its industry-leading real-time reporting tools for advertisers and agencies. Now, broadcast radio station managers have real-time data about programmatic ad campaigns at their fingertips. They can log into a personalized web dashboard and immediately see ad data about the campaigns running on their stations, easily traffic Jelli’s programmatic ads, and track performance of the campaigns to insure maximum compliance and revenue.

As part of the RadioDash 3.0 release, new features include:

  • Publisher Interface: A new experience designed from the ground up for station operators, taking real-time data from Jelli’s RadioSpot platform and presenting it to the publisher to address their specific needs.
  • Real Time Play of Ads: Station operators can view and listen to all Jelli-served ads that played on their station, either archived or in real-time, helping to bring instant validation and transparency to the radio industry. This unique feature allows the user to not only hear the ad but also the audio content that plays before and after.
  • Dashboard Summary: The summary shows a weekly view of what should play versus what has played. This feature allows operators to see potential issues in advance and fix in real-time helping to increase compliance rates, maximize revenue and minimize make goods.
  • Daypart Compliance: The daypart compliance feature gives a radio station manager the ability to see traffic instructions for each ad campaign compared directly next to the daypart. This feature makes it easy for a station manager to adjust scheduled ad plays in real-time to insure compliance with the campaign daypart specs.

“Radio has entered into the Age of Programmatic advertising,” said Mike Dougherty, CEO of Jelli. “With RadioDash 3.0, publishers can now access the same powerful tools and analytics at their fingertips as programmatic advertisers, streamlining the process for radio to tap into programmatic advertising spending.”

Availability of RadioDash

RadioDash 3.0 is available today to radio stations, networks and advertisers. If you’re interested in learning more about RadioDash please contact

Jelli is the first cloud-based ad platform for the $40 billion global radio market. Our mission is to create the easiest and fastest way to buy and run radio spots. We bring the transparency, accountability and real-time delivery of the web to the offline medium of terrestrial radio. Our patented audio serving platform automates terrestrial radio advertising for advertisers and network operators, reaching millions of listeners weekly and serving billions of ad impressions annually. We are based in San Mateo, California and New York City, and our investors include Relay Ventures, Intel Capital, First Round Capital and several prominent angel investors.


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