Jelli Beta Gives Traditional Radio Listeners Total Power over Playlists

Syndication Deals with Triton Media Group and Austereo Take Jelli Global in 2010

San Mateo, Calif. – October 20, 2009 – Jelli, the company that puts radio into the hands of its listeners, went live today with a beta release of its namesake service. Jelli is a multiplayer web-based game that lets people who listen to traditional radio stations completely control the songs that go on the air. You can sign-in and play now at

In June, Jelli launched a pilot with CBS Radio Bay Area affiliate LIVE 105 KITS. The Sunday night Jelli show on LIVE 105 has been a ratings success, and two freshly inked deals have put Jelli in the pipeline for thousands more stations worldwide.

A syndication deal with Triton, which is driving terrestrial radio’s growth online to more fully engage and activate listeners, will make Jelli available to Triton’s more than 4,500 radio affiliations in the United States beginning in early 2010.  Triton Radio Networks, through Dial-Global, will syndicate two daily Jelli programs – Top 40 Jelli and Rock Jelli – while Triton Digital will offer affiliates customized, 24/7 online Jelli experiences.

“With new media tools and services, Triton is elevating the direct relationships radio enjoys with its listeners, and Jelli is a fun way to infuse even greater excitement, and a dose of unpredictability, to live FM, HD and streaming radio formats,’’ said Jim Kerr, vice president of strategy for Triton Digital Media.  “Jelli combines the engagement, challenge and teamwork of a video game; the personalization and sharing of music we see in social networks; and a traditional broadcast that brings the experience to the masses.’’

Jelli also struck a distribution deal with Australian broadcaster, Austereo, which next month will launch a hits-oriented Hot 30 Jelli show on stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.  Hot 30 Jelli will be broadcast daily on FM and digital radio (DAB+), and available online 24-hours a day.

“This is the future of radio – listeners in direct, active control of their radio station!” says Jaime Chaux, Austereo Digital Radio Content Director. “Austereo is proud to be leading the worldwide charge with Jelli.”

Jelli gives a community of listeners real-time control over what gets played on their streaming or terrestrial radio stations. Players search a deep catalog of song titles and pick tracks to add to the on-air playlist. Other players vote songs up or down one position at a time. Rockets and Bombs, Jelli currency earned by participating, shoot a song up to the top of the playlist or knock it off altogether. Jelli even lets communities band together to pull a song off the air instantly. A Jelli chat room gives all listeners a place to socialize, lobby for their favorite songs, and organize community-controlled playlists. An iPhone application will make Jelli mobile starting in early 2010.

The Jelli beta is up and running now with many new features that have been added since the alpha went live with LIVE 105. Here’s a summary of what’s new:

  • For Jelli Listeners
    • Select from multiple stations airing live Jelli shows and join the crowd to control what gets played
    • A Jelli tuner gives listeners at-a-glance details about what’s playing, what was just played and how “radio active” listeners are on each station
    • New profile pages show what any given listener is tuned into, so players can find friends and organize on a station to control its playlist
    • Visual attribution for listeners that Rocket songs onto the air. In addition to an on-air announcement, a listener’s handle and profile picture will be displayed next to the artist and song title for the duration of that song
    • Immediate reward Rockets to listeners if the community loves the song they put on the air
    • A Jelli store where fans can pick up all sorts of cool Jelli merchandise
  • For Radio Stations
    • Co-branded radio station pages and interface, with a unique stream for each broadcast partner
    • Premium positions for partner stations in the Jelli Tuner for easy discovery by potential listeners
    • A Jelli Station Server to integrate with a station’s existing broadcast infrastructure and website to deliver a DMCA and FCC-compliant playlist directly to the station for broadcast
    • A configurable rules engine with per-station settings for playlist rules, including country-specific regulations
    • A configurable catalog management system so that broadcast catalogs, the “sand box” where users play the game, can be tailored to the station’s format while giving users deep choices
    • An automated platform that handles the Jelli gaming system, content and catalog management, the audio playstream system, real-time audio mixing, dynamic audio content and announcement of game activity via text-to-speech technology

About Jelli
Jelli is 100 percent user-controlled radio, enabling users to take over a radio station using their web browsers. Leveraging the power of the web to reinvent traditional broadcasting, Jelli empowers the community to interact with the broadcast in real-time and determine dynamically what plays on-air. Launched in 2009, Jelli is based in San Mateo, CA. For more information, visit

Tuesday, October 20, 2009