Jelli Launches Its Android App And A SXSW Artist Channel

Jelli for Android brings a crowdsourced social radio experience to Android mobile devices

SAN MATEO – March 9, 2012 – Jelli ( announced today the release of its free Jelli for Android app, which allows users to experience Jelli’s social radio service anytime and from anywhere using their Android device. Jelli also launched a specially curated, SXSW artist-themed, streaming radio station in conjunction with the start of this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas (

“Jelli for Android is a completely redesigned version of Jelli’s social radio user experience, available today for Android users nationwide,” said Mike Dougherty, Jelli’s CEO. “Over the last six months we have launched Jelli on several major engagement platforms including Android, iPhone and Facebook to accelerate our goal of making radio more fun and social.”

Jelli is a social music experience that allows listeners to control what plays on the radio from the web, iPhone and now Android devices. Jelli users vote for the artists and songs they want to hear, creating dynamic playlists that determine in real time what plays online and on Jelli-powered FM radio programs across the country. Jelli’s community interacts with each other in live chat rooms and through social features, collaborating to create a shared listening experience.

The new Jelli for Android app includes many features to make the radio listening experience social and fun:

  • Unlimited listening: Jelli for Android app users can tune into any Jelli station including genre stations (such as Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, Electronic, Jazz, Country, 80’s, etc.) and actual FM radio stations that broadcast Jelli. Jelli users can scroll through the Tuner to view all of the stations on Jelli, or browse by activity level, genre, what’s live on FM, and favorites.
  • Vote to decide what plays next: The community chooses every song that plays on Jelli. Users vote on songs to increase or decrease their score, ultimately deciding what gets on the air.
  • Rockometer: Everyone playing Jelli can voice their opinion on the songs that are on the air by tapping “Rocks” or “Sucks” in the app. The rockometer fluctuates to reflect what listeners think about the song. Jelli users are rewarded for selecting songs that the community thinks “Rocks” and if enough people think a song “Sucks,” it gets pulled off the air, even in mid-song.
  • Rocket your favorite tracks on the air: As users play Jelli, they earn Rockets, which give them more power to impact the playlist. Jelli for Android users can apply a rocket to their favorite song, boosting it to the top of the playlist. If the community then votes the rocket on the air, the rocketeer receives credit when their username is read out over the airwaves before the song plays. Jelli’s Robot DJ, named T-Bone (a text-to-speech engine) will even introduce the songs as a rocket coming from the Jelli for Android app.
  • Control what plays on the FM airwaves: Terrestrial FM radio stations across the U.S. broadcast Jelli live on the air in over 20 markets, so listeners can use the Jelli for Android app to control what plays in cities like Philadelphia (94.5 WPST), Atlanta (96.1 WKLS), Minneapolis (102.1 KEEY), Las Vegas (96.7 KYLI, 94.5 KXLI), and many others.
  • Chat with other listeners: Every station in the Android app features a live chat room where users can hang out and work together to help shape the playlist.
  • Easily find & manage your favorite music: Users on the Jelli for Android app can quickly search for tracks they want to vote on, rocket or bomb. They can also add them to the Jelli favorites list, making it easy to log on and quickly vote for what they want to hear.

In conjunction with the Jelli for Android launch, and to help get festival-goers excited about the great music offerings at this year’s SXSW festival, Jelli also launched a curated, SXSW-themed station that features only music from artists playing at SXSW. The station’s catalog contains a full range of SXSW artists from “A” (Agent Fresco) to “Z” (Zulu Winter), and what gets on the air is determined by the listeners who are tuned in and voting for what they want to hear. The new Jelli SXSW station is available on the Jelli website and via the Jelli for iPhone app and the new Jelli for Android app.

The Jelli for Android app is available today for free from the Google Play Store (Android Market) or at In addition, Jelli for iPhone is available at or  users can interact via the Jelli website online at

About Jelli

Jelli is a social music service that combines group listening with game mechanics to make radio more social and fun. Listeners control radio playlists through real-time voting and game elements, via free iPhone and Android apps and web experience ( The user controlled experience broadcasts online 24/7 and on FM radio stations across the United States.

Friday, March 9, 2012