Jelli Launches New Advertising Platform Capabilities and Signs Two Group-Wide Deals

Mapleton and Opus Media to deploy Jelli Platform at over 50 Stations

SAN MATEO, CA – September 18, 2012 – Jelli (, the social radio platform, announced today that it has launched advanced new advertising features in the Jelli Platform and signed deals with the radio groups Mapleton Communications and Opus Media Partners to deploy the Jelli Platform at over 50 stations.

Jelli launched today new platform features that enable radio stations to use Jelli as a flexible ad serving network for terrestrial radio advertising. These new features allow even those stations that do not leverage Jelli’s programming capabilities to take advantage of Jelli’s advertising platform.

“In spite of the increasingly noisy media landscape, radio continues to be one of the most powerful mediums for reaching an audience,” said Mike Dougherty, Jelli’s CEO. “Ad tech has transformed theonline advertising space, and now we are bringing this innovation to terrestrial radio, a $40 billion global market with tremendous opportunity for reinvention.”

As part of this launch, Mapleton and Opus have entered into agreements to deploy the Jelli Platform throughout their radio groups to drive incremental revenue.

“Finally a new technology solution that will require nothing from our sales team to learn. Jelli’s platform takes the unused spots we have on our stations and turns them into revenue. We deploy Jelli’s platform at our stations, allocate inventory to it, and collect the revenue,” said James Shea, CEO of Mapleton Communications.

The Jelli Platform enables stations to monetize unsold on-air inventory at attractive rates, providing immediate sales traction, valuable advertising ROI, and a new source of revenue to supplement local selling efforts.

To deploy the Jelli Platform, each station integrates a Jelli server at their station and connects it to the internet. Then the station allocates inventory to the Jelli Platform using their existing ad trafficking and scheduling software. Jelli takes it from there, serving radio ads on the air, and paying the station for those ads.

Jelli’s cloud-based platform is simple to integrate and maintain, with no software to support or patches to update. The platform upgrades automatically and is maintained, monitored and constantly improved by Jelli, keeping maintenance costs very low.

The Jelli Platform is available immediately, with an “Advertising Only” option to complement Jelli’s proven “Programming” offerings. To learn more about Jelli’s programming or advertising solutions, contact

About Jelli

Jelli is a social radio platform that combines the reach of radio with the engagement of the web. Jelli’s consumer experience fuses group listening with game mechanics to make radio more social and fun. Listeners control radio playlists through real-time voting and game elements, via free iPhone and Android apps and web experience ( Jelli’s advertising platform enables real-time ad serving and listener engagement across social, mobile and broadcast platforms, creating unique insights for advertisers. Jelli is available online and on FM radio stations across the United States.