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Radio Ink’s Exclusive Audio Interview with Jelli CEO Mike Dougherty (Part 1 & 2)

BY Jelli ON February 19, 2015 IN Jelli News

Jelli’s CEO Mike Dougherty was recently featured in a two-part Radio Ink exclusive audio interview that addresses the topic of programmatic in radio for listeners. In Part One, Dougherty spells out the basics of programmatic, how Jelli got into the radio programmatic game and how the company is helping stations around the country make money airing programmatic ads. Click on the SoundCloud link to hear the first part of this Radio Ink two-part interview and why radio is the last frontier for programmatic advertising:

In Part Two, Dougherty provides insights into programmatic’s future in local radio advertising and the advantages radio has with programmatic. Listen to Part 2 here: