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BY Jelli ON June 26, 2014 IN Jelli News

Dear Jelli Community,

It has been an amazing five year ride but all good things must come to an end. On Sunday, June 29 at 11:59pm Pacific, Jelli User-Controlled Radio, social radio and its station apps will be retired. We want to thank you all for being so supportive for these past few years.

When we first launched Jelli’s social radio service, our vision was to transform how you listened to music on the radio and engaged with your favorite local radio stations. Five years later, after hundreds of thousands of Jelli users took control of broadcasts and picked millions of songs together on stations across the country, we proved that we could change radio and reinvent the experience.

However, in spite of our success, our social radio service didn’t take off nationwide as we had hoped. This has led the team to make the difficult decision to retire social radio and focus completely on a new innovation for the broadcast industry.

This is a bittersweet day for us. We have built so many great memories with you, and retiring our services is really hard. It has been quite a journey over the years with our Jelli users. We thank all of you for making this experience so special. You were super “radio active”. Here are the final metrics. Take a look below at some of the awesome things you helped us achieve…

Our very first day on streaming (Jelli Alpha) was March 18, 2009


  • We have had a total of 693,282 Jelli Registered Users throughout our history in Jelli.
  • The number ONE user of all time was punkMonk with a whopping 5,608,186number of votes.
  • The total number of chats was: 30,649,957 and we had 2,245 users who received at least 1 chat ban in their lifetime
  • We approved a total of 672,691 sig-tones.
  • The first song that ever played on air was: This Is Radio Clash – The Clash.

The top voted song was: ‘Where You Wanna Go’ – Mischa Daniels Featuring J-Son with an incredible 1,227,822 votes.

The top 5 rocketed songs of all time were:

Rocket (2) copy

  1. Take Over Control – Afrojack Featuring Eva Simons
  2. Mr. Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan
  3. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster The People
  4. Bounce – Calvin Harris Featuring Kelis
  5. Just Give Me A Reason – P!NK featuring Nate Ruess


The first bomb ever: ‘Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio?’ – The Ramones The first song ever taken off the air was ‘Sex on Fire’ by Kings of Leon

The top 5 bombed songs of all time were:

bomb (3) copy

  1. Gentleman – Psy
  2. Animals – Martin Garrix
  3. Boyfriend – Justin Bieber
  4. Barbra Streisand – Duck Sauce
  5. Dang Dang – Zumas & Sol Noir


Check out some of our favorite Jelli  memories:

One of our coolest users created custom Jelli baseball shirt complete with Jelli badges on the sleeve. landingstripfour3to you are a legend!


Award for best head tattoo

headshot PM

Here is a picture of our coolest local fan group ever! (“Jelli Fam” facebook group)

fb fans8233_n

vylettevolatile made these fantastic rocket cupcakes dedicated to the new Jelli Mods! To all our mods – you have been simply incredible over the years!

cupcakes_o copy



Our user Bryan created this – we had to include this one!


Here are the coolest T-Bone Halloween costume contest our users made themselves – aren’t they great!

costume 1 copy 2  costume 3 copy  costume 2 useo copy

Best ode to Internet Friends, ever:


Look back on some pretty rockin’blocks… 

First rock block ever

We had an extremely cool “Psycho Block” that the audience shaped. For one whole week our users put aside their differences and played “Psycho Killer” (Talking Heads), “Psycho Therapy” (Ramones), “Insane in the Brain” (Cypress Hill), and “Crazy Train” (Ozzy).

Jelli Staycation block
We had a 3 hour tour around the world in Jelli Staycation block. Listeners traveled 120,047 nautical miles, which equals roughly 5.5 trips around the globe! You can see the journey of the impromptu Around the World Staycation via this map – all thanks to kazoo!


Mother’s Day Rock Block


Jellies banded together for a Mother’s Day rock block, rocketing up and voting for maternal music like ‘Mommy’s Little Monster’ by Social Distortion,  ‘Treat Me Like Your Mother’ by The Dead Weather, ‘Stacy’s Mom’ by Fountains of Wayne, and ‘Mother Mary’ by Foxboro Hottubs, which earned full rocks and triple rockets for Jelli user mcrloveskaitlin.

Totally Rad 80’s bloc

Jellies organized a Totally Rad 80’s block on Jelli Red. This lasted an epic 12 hours – over 175 songs spanning an entire decade. Many Jellies even dressed up for the occasion by switching their profile photos to 80’s pics. Totally tubular!

Pirate day

This was a day dedicated to pirate day – which included a playlist full to the gills with tunes about Cap’n Jack, guns, treasure, ships, booty, stormy weather, flags, peg legs, mermaids…and anythin’ else Jelli buckaneers deemed worthy and fittin’ for celebratin’ International Talk Like A Pirate Day.


Animal Style

Jelli went “animal style” on LIVE 105
Lasted almost 2 hours with a very creative and beastly playlist that spanned the animal kingdom…and a surprise twist with an ingenious reference to the ever popular ‘cougar’ meme featuring Mrs. Robinson and Stacy’s Mom (everybody knows Stacy’s mom has got it goin’ on).


This is only some of the wonderful memories and amazing statistics our users have helped to create. We want to thank you for all the great times.

Thanks again for your contributions, community and making the coolest radio broadcasts of all time.

Rock on \m/