Our products are industry leading and purpose-built to support, and more importantly improve, the audio ecosystem, making it easier and faster to buy and run audio advertising.

2,300 Stations
200+ Cities
99.4% Of United States

How It Works

How It Works

SpotPlan for Advertisers | Jelli DSP

SpotPlan is the first and only programmatic platform for buying radio advertising. SpotPlan automates the media planning and buying process, providing agencies and advertisers real-time access to premium radio inventory that reaches 245M+ listeners per month.

SpotPlan for Advertisers
Radio has always provided unmatched value, and now we can bring today’s data sources, targeting and the speed, ease, and precision of programmatic buying to our advertising partners. -Lauren Russo, SVP, Managing Director, Horizon Media
[Jelli's] greater accountability along with the ability to offer real-time insights into our campaigns will only enable radio to capture more dollars from the overall pie. -Taylor Wood, Partner, Supervisor, National Radio, GROUPM
Technologies [from Jelli] will enable radio to strengthen its position with national advertisers at a time of increasing competition from digital media where data retrieval is an increasingly critical part of media selection. -Natalie Swed Stone, U.S. Director of National Radio Investment, OMD

RadioSpot for Publishers | Jelli SSP

RadioSpot is the only programmatic platform for radio broadcasters to sell and manage their advertising inventory. Powering an entire industry, RadioSpot is used by more than 2,300 US radio stations and reaches 99.4% of US.

RadioSpot for Publishers
Programmatic is already an important and expected method of ad buying in the digital space. Now we can bring broadcast radio into that world at a scale no digital audio provider can offer. -Bob Pittman, Chairman & CEO, iHeartMedia
In addition to streamlining our affiliate operations, Jelli’s platform transforms radio broadcasting into a real-time medium, providing our advertisers increased control, compliance, and campaign analytics on par with the latest digital platforms. -Phil Brown, CEO, Focus360