Serving Radio Ads
from the Cloud in Real-time

RadioSpot AdServer transforms broadcast radio ad serving and delivery with a collection of cloud-based services. With RadioSpot AdServer and our fleet of on-premise appliances, stations are able to streamline ad operations and gain a new level of visibility into ad campaign delivery and performance in real time.

Key Features of RadioSpot AdServer

Ad Serving

Our cloud-based ad server provides sophisticated scheduling and optimization mechanisms that ensure every campaign runs according to spec. RadioSpot software seamlessly integrates into a station’s legacy technology stack, supporting all radio automation and traffic systems.


Real-time traffic, campaign activation, and management tools, including live ad creative and rotation management, automated make goods, brand safety (station exclusions), and event-based creative triggers, improving station responsiveness and compliance.


RadioSpot’s station dashboard delivers real-time monitoring and reporting of ad operations and station compliance. RadioDash, radio’s first and only real-time ad fulfillment dashboard, reports live ad serving activity, delivering full transparency to advertisers.

APIs for Everything

RadioSpot integrates directly with a radio group’s centralized inventory system to provide live pricing and our suite of API integrations cover the entire selling lifecycle:
+ Inventory+ Playlog+ Pricing+ Invoicing and Billing

Automated make goods provide a 67% decrease on average in ad under-delivery, pushing station compliance to more than 99%


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Real-time Data-Driven Analytics

RadioDash is the only real-time dashboard for broadcast radio, reporting live advertising activity. You can now deliver full transparency to your agencies and advertisers, including when and where, as well as which creative ran. Enhanced campaign controls result in reduced errors and make goods, saving your team time while providing clients with what they want — analytics and accountability.

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In addition to streamlining our affiliate operations, Jelli’s platform transforms radio broadcasting into a real-time medium, providing our advertisers increased control, compliance, and campaign analytics on par with the latest digital platforms. -Phil Brown, CEO, Focus360