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Jelli Just Got Bigger with Expressway from Katz

BY Jelli ON May 16, 2017 IN Jelli News

When determining whether or not to buy advertising in a certain medium, audience reach is often the most important factor. Keep in mind, by further narrowing your reach and adding more specific targeting, having a big enough audience to start becomes even more important when planning a buy. Therefore, not being able to reach enough people means that your campaign won’t be able to live up to its full potential.

As the single largest programmatic platform for buying and selling broadcast radio advertising, Jelli offers broad coverage and speed-to-market. This means that any radio buy on our platform is significantly more effective than those that are completed through traditional buying methods.

Today we’re happy to announce that our reach has increased even further with the expansion of Katz Radio Group’s Expressway marketplace.

Introducing Expressway from Katz

First, let’s talk about which major station groups are selling advertising inventory via Expressway. Katz partners within the industry include: CBS Radio, Cumulus Media, Entercom Communications, Alpha Media, Beasley Broadcast Group, Radio One, Townsquare, and Emmis Communications. Not to mention, there are many others that are currently in negotiation.

Along with iHeartMedia’s separate private marketplace, here’s what the Expressway expanded coverage means for Jelli’s customers:

  • 2,200 stations on Jelli’s platform and growing
  • 6 #1 stations in the Top 10 markets
  • 64 #1 stations in the Top 100 markets
  • 8 of the Top 10 stations in each of the Top 10 markets
  • 990 Top 10 stations overall
  • 99 of the Top 100 MSAs
  • 188 of the Top 200 MSAs

Having all of the coverage or inventory in the world is meaningless if there isn’t anyone willing to buy it – fortunately, we’ve got that covered too. We’ve established solid relationships with the country’s largest buyers, among them the top 5 of 6 advertising holding companies accounting for over $1B in annual radio advertising investments. Essentially, there’s a lot of buying demand out there for publishers to capitalize on by working with Jelli and Expressway.

So why is any of this important?

Glad you asked!

If you’re a spot buyer who is sick and tired of managing your buys using paper proposals and spreadsheets, you should try the Expressway marketplace on Jelli’s SpotPlan for Advertisers platform. Instead of days and weeks, you can buy in minutes. Seriously. Just like digital media buyers working with Facebook and Google, Jelli’s SpotPlan gives you the same type of cloud-based tool for buying spot radio ad inventory quickly and easily.

And just like those digital platforms, Jelli provides performance tracking of ad delivery for spot buys. That may not sound earth shattering to digital folks, but you have to remember that real-time reporting that’s available 24/7 HAS NEVER EXISTED FOR RADIO BEFORE.

Just let that sink in.

If you’ve been frustrated by how long it takes to reconcile if a spot buy ran after a campaign’s end, you should reach out to learn more about RadioDash, our analytics tool, as well.

As for you digital buyers, if you’re considering using broadcast radio for a buy, now you can rest assured that it’s possible to run and track campaigns programmatically the same way you buy any digital channel.

Check us out! You won’t regret it.

Read the Expressway release to learn more.

For more details about Jelli, check out our SpotPlan data sheet here or our RadioDash one here. Feel free to reach out and talk to someone live at, too.