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Status Update: We’re Bigger than Facebook!

BY Michael Dougherty ON June 16, 2015 IN Jelli News


OK, perhaps we’re not exactly bigger than the world’s leading social network, but we have some major news to share today.

Over the past three years Jelli has been hard at work expanding our audio advertising platform, spreading Jelli across every major market in the nation. Since the beginning, Jelli’s mission has been to break down silos and combine the power of the web with the massive reach of broadcast.

We are proud to announce a major milestone. As of today, an audio ad run on the Jelli platform can reach over 212 million people — more than Facebook’s reach in the United States (based upon Comscore’s April 2015 rankings). To put this into perspective, the Jelli platform’s audience reach is currently over 2x larger than Twitter or Pandora, and bigger than any programmatic ad exchange, SSP or DSP in the digital space.

Of course, this milestone is due to the significant reach of our broadcasting partners, and the fact that radio remains a “daily activity” with the power to connect with listeners in their car and throughout the day listening to their favorite music, sports, news and other audio content.

We have many friends who work at Facebook, and we love their platform. But our team enjoyed taking a friendly bite out of a cupcake today as we crossed this threshold.

Stay tuned, we have our sights set on Google next! 🙂

Michael Dougherty

Michael Dougherty

chief executive officer