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The Power of Audio – The Advent of Programmatic for Radio

BY Jelli ON October 13, 2015 IN The Power of Audio

Radio has a huge reach with over 2.4 billion radio receivers globally. Specifically, radio enables marketers to reach consumers in places like car where other media cannot reach. Time and again radio has proved to be an effective medium with high ROI because radio is one of the last touch points in the purchase funnel. This has led to marketers investing approximately $1 in $10 of their marketing spend on radio.

Across digital, video, mobile programmatic has transformed marketing by enabling marketers to reach the right audience at the right time effectively but unlike other media radio hasn’t experienced the transformation of programmatic.

The shift towards programmatic is accelerating and now through Jelli’s cloud platform programmatic has arrived for radio. Through our partnerships Jelli is deployed at 1280 stations covering 200+ DMA’s.

This covers:
30% share in top 25 markets
660 top 10 stations
85 #1 stations.

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In the next series of blogs we will talk in more detail about the power of programmatic for radio and how Jelli through our cloud platform brings the effectiveness of programmatic to the scale of radio. We will explore the concepts of private marketplaces, open exchanges and go in detail on the various products that make up the programmatic suite of Jelli.

Sree Kamireddy