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The Art of Modern Radio Buying: Introducing SpotPlan 2.0

BY Ryan Roberts ON September 5, 2017 IN Audio Advertising

Good news, we’ve uncomplicated the art of radio buying. Traditionally, radio buying has been regarded as a complex, time-consuming effort. For decades it has required a very specific expertise to complete an effective radio advertising campaign. Sounds like a pretty major barrier to entry, right? Not anymore. For the first time in the broadcast radio industry, there’s a solution for both novice radio advertisers and radio buying gurus.

Where do I start?

First-time radio buyers are faced with many questions. How can I buy radio? Should I buy radio? Do I call my local station? Can I call various stations? Who do I ask to speak with? What kind of inventory prices can I expect?

This often leaves people wishing that they can buy radio as simply as they can buy digital mediums (i.e. Facebook). We feel the same, which is why we introduced the world to the first cloud-technology platform for buying broadcast radio, SpotPlan.

SpotPlan 2.0 allows you to easily build plans for ad campaigns with just a few clicks. Our online software provides you with access to live broadcast radio inventory and pricing, all you have to do is enter in campaign details and press the “book plan” button.

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What’s new with SpotPlan?

If you’re a buying expert, you face different problems. You may be a pro and understand the industry and your clients, but the lack of digital innovation for radio buying creates limits. Until now, the broadcast radio buying process hadn’t changed in decades.

With the help of technology, we are able to make complicated calculations to determine the best buy scenarios in minutes. Eliminating all of the extra spreadsheets and phone calls is exciting, but the ability to truly maximize radio campaigns and deliver added value to your clients is priceless.

Programmatic radio buying offers a solution for all radio buyers, from new advertisers to the most experienced radio buyers.

Here are a couple of our favorite benefits that buyers have experienced while using SpotPlan 2.0:

Produce the best buy:

Let’s be honest, nobody has time to spend hours building out spreadsheets and manually sorting through avails. With SpotPlan, you can simply plan and replan using live inventory. Once you’ve got a couple of solid variations, compare them side-by-side to identify and book the best buy.

Create the best campaign:

Some buys are a bit more complex than others and require some extra comparison capabilities (i.e. spot fill scenarios). Use SpotPlan to generate multiple intricate buy types and then evaluate them using unified data before settling on your campaign. Most of our clients are surprised when they see the results which is why they regard this as their favorite new buying tool.

Next week we will be demonstrating the power of what happens when your art meets our science, you don’t want to miss it! Until then, follow us on social media and sign up to receive email updates. If you’d like to learn more about SpotPlan, reach out and say hi!

Ryan Roberts