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The Wonders of Audio

BY Jelli ON April 25, 2013 IN Jelli News

If seeing is believing, hearing is understanding.

There is so much to be said about the auditory sensation and most has already been.  But what needs to be said more (and heard more) is that audio provides an incredibly important role in the world of business. From the continued importance of phone calls to the defining notes of audio spots in television and radio, hearing and business are fundamentally connected.

Which is why I both love and invested in Jelli, a unique company that is dedicated to a very simple notion: that radio—hearing—is a powerful medium in and of itself and that it’s an enduring medium because it connects to people in a very special way.

I believe that advertisers will rekindle their relationship with radio. Not only is radio one of the few media that essentially dominates certain periods of time (like when we are in our cars), but it’s also one in which the signature offering is highly memorable. We all remember songs and jingles but also inflections in voice and clever rhythms. Audio allows for deep exploration in a unique way.

Radio is a medium which need not declare war on other media. It is willing to co-exist with TV, online, print, and outdoor advertising. And now, it plans to modernize itself so that it can continue to produce that most important of signals—the auditory variety.