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Tis the Season For a New Form of Holiday Advertising

BY Ryan Roberts ON November 27, 2017 IN Audio Advertising

As seasonal shopping changes, advertisers seek to adapt. They pull out all of the stops in order to cut through the noise and reach their customers, but what’s the best way to do that in today’s marketing climate?

Technology has become an essential part of seasonal marketing. From the buying and receiving of tech gifts to listening to your favorite seasonal radio station, technology plays a role in our seasonal celebrations and therefore our seasonal marketing.

Successful holiday marketing is all about reaching the right people to increase engagement and sales. Whether it’s making data driven decisions, publishing unique content, or expanding your marketing mix. One easy way to cover all of the bases is to incorporate audio into your holiday advertising plans.

Wait, audio?

Cloud-based audio buying tools are increasingly popular because of their ability to more easily reach the right audiences at a large scale while tracking real-time data. Thanks to the increase in smart speakers like Amazon Echo, we’re listening to more audio than ever. Audio advertising is a win for both advertisers and consumers.

Holiday Advertising


Programmatic advertising makes it possible for brands to keep up in a marketing cluttered world. It allows for more accurate targeting, better pricing efficiencies, and results in bigger data.

“According to recent research from McKinsey & Company companies that use data-driven personalization as the core of their marketing and sales decisions can improve ROI by 15%-20%.” Huffington Post


Targeted ad buying is useful for holiday campaigns with dynamic creative. Thanks to new technology, traditional advertising mediums have enhanced targeting capabilities.

For example, if you’re interested in promoting a Cyber Monday deal, you can target online shoppers through broadcast radio by using audience segments on SpotPlan.

“So if you haven’t hopped aboard the programmatic bandwagon, now would be a great time to start.” – Katana Media


Do you find it hard to stand out amidst all of the holiday promotions and cheery jingles? It’s important to nail down your brand message and invest in quality creative.

Don’t forget to balance your media mix to ensure that you’re sharing your brand’s story in various ways. That should include radio considering that audio advertising has been proven to significantly drive sales. In fact, Nielsen found that advertisers on radio received an average return of more than $6 in sales for every $1 they spent.

Are you feeling festive yet? Check out last year’s most popular radio ads for some inspiration. Good luck with your holiday advertising endeavors! We hope to hear from you soon.

Ryan Roberts

Ryan Roberts