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Ubiquitous AI, C-3P0, and a Cocktail Mixer

BY Ryan Roberts ON September 14, 2017 IN Tech Industry News

Remember our exciting announcement about our expansion to Boise a few months ago? Now that we’re settled, we’re trying to get to know our new community better. Yesterday, we joined our fellow Boise tech community for the 7th annual develop.idaho event to shake a few more hands.

Develop.idaho is an industry-led event created to promote and support the local software community. While other events teach the “how” of software development, develop.idaho aims to answer the “why”. Attendees heard visionaries and thought leaders speak on industry topics impacting their work and community.

Speakers had the opportunity to share their stories and promote their businesses before Idaho’s most talented tech community, including our Jelli CEO and co-founder, Mike Dougherty. Here’s a quick recap:


Artificial Intelligence Panel: Ubiquitous AI – How Far Away Are We From C-3PO?

Moderator: Paul Berg, Idaho National Laboratory
Panelists: Mike Dougherty, Jelli; Josh Johnston, Kount; Dan Skinner, Natural Intelligence

As kids, we all imagined building our own robot friend like Anakin Skywalker did with C-3PO, but how close are we t0 that being a reality? According to the panelists that joined Mike for the discussion, we’ve got awhile before that’s going to happen but in the meantime, there’s a lot of really great AI development happening all around us.

Here are a couple of quotes from the panel about recent developments in AI:

“A few years ago, there was an error rate of about 30% with voice recognition. Thanks to machine learning, it’s now closer to 5%.” – Mike Dougherty

“Learning, almost without effort, is where AI is going…” – Dan Skinner

In summary, we aren’t quite ready to build our own robots, but the big guys in tech are definitely investing in the future of AI and we are sure to see some exciting things in the coming years. Tech Mix

At the end of the day, five startups were able to share a quick (and competitive) company overview. Can you guess how they chose a winner? An applause meter. A clap-o-meter or applause meter is a measurement instrument that measures the volume of applause made by an audience. Shout out to the Idaho Technology Council for coming up with a clap-o-meter competition.

Mike was joined by leaders from Natural Intelligence, Uledger, Versabuilt, and Forsta. Jelli came close, but we lost to the robots so we can’t complain too much. Congrats to all of the participants!

Thanks for a great day, Boise! We’ll catch you again soon at Boise Startup week. Before you go, sign up to receive periodic updates on our Jelli adventures.

Ryan Roberts