The power of audio marketing

Broadcast audio has incredible reach and unique advantages other mediums just can’t deliver.

The 2014 Radio Mercury ad of the year
MomSong for Old Spice by Wieden+Kennedy

A huge audience of over 245 million weekly

Reach an audience that rivals Google and Facebook through over 1250 partners in over 200 cities nationwide.

6:1 return on investment

CPG advertisers achieved over $6 of incremental sales for every $1 of spend on radio.

11% increased retention

Radio increased retention by as much as 11% for a big box retailer.

Reach customers on the road

86% of drivers use radio as a primary in-car entertainment device. Reach customers where Google & Facebook can’t.

Mainstream consumers

90+% households who shop, eat at restaurants, buy or lease luxury cars, buy smartphones, vote, and more.

#1 purchase decision medium

Radio is the top advertising medium used 30 minutes prior to purchase.